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What is an American
What is Islam (Submission)
Knowledge with Wisdom  
A Gift of Remembrance  
Over It is Nineteen
God's Retribution is Inevitable  
Beyond Probability
Seek to Please God  
Who is God  
Hadith vs Quran
Fine Tuning Towards Submission
Hadith a Re-Evaluation
Implore God With The Best Prayers
Support God and the Quran
Miracle of Quran
What is Religion
"Jesus" Myths & Message
Awesome Quranic Mathematical Miracle
Running Like Zebras

Where can we find Salat in the Quran
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Satan and Quran
The Seven Sleepers of Ephesus
Submission even in Adversity  
A Word on Unity  
Struggle Within (True Jihad)  
Hell is Surrounding the Disbelievers
A Treatise on the Anger of GOD
Terror Islam and Democracy
Fighting in the Cause of God
The Five Pillars of Islam
A Comparison of JAMES and the Quran 
Messenger of GOD 
Political Islam 
Preparing For the 21ST Century 
Preserving and protecting the Quran 
Queen Rania of Jordan
Shocked and Horrified 
The Great 
Why do Muslims Lose 
GODs System of Doom 
God's Message   
Islamic Jihad   
The Sabbath
The Odd and the Even
Number of Salat Prayers
Also see "Contact Prayers"
Contact Prayers



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